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6 weeks using D’Lumiere range, no injectables!

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D’Lumiere case study

Mums Take Five 

I have noticed a positive change in skin condition and enjoy using the products.  I like textures and lightness of products, they do not leave my skin sticky or heavy and don’t have any overpowering perfumes.

I’ve been surprised with how efficient these products have been so quickly. I have certainly noticed the difference in skin tone and my skin certainly feels better. I’ve noticed it not only on my face but also décolletage area which I think is probably my most exposed and most neglected areas. I look forward to continuing to use these products and see a lovely and refreshed me for 2018!


Stephanie Panecasio

Since using the moisturiser my face seems a lot more supple and even, but the real benefit is how good it feels to touch. My makeup doesn’t stick to any dry patches if I use this before application and let it soak in, and the smoothness – wow! Finally, if you’re as scent-oriented as I am when it comes to products, it smells amazing. It’s fresh without being overpowering and it lasts on the skin as a faint but delicate fragrance. Who could ask for more?


Debbie – I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for D’Lumiere Esthetique Products.

I am 59 yrs young and have tried soooooo many different high end skin care ranges from all over the world and

 D’Lumiere Esthetique Products are the absolute BEST that I have ever had the pleasure to use.

WOW I have seen such a huge difference in my skin even although it’s only been 1 week and I can’t wait to see the results after continued use.

I am absolutely in love with the D’Lumiere Esthetique Products and I will definitely be continuing to use as nothing else comes close in comparison to these gorgeous, extremely high quality and miraculous products.


Jess Dempsey @whatwouldkarldo 

D’lumiere Esthetique deep purifyingcleanser saving my face one day at a time. Can’t recommend it enough!

The anti-ageing essentials are the dry skin AHA, vitamin c and vitamin A by D’Lumiere Esthetique and by incorporating these key items into your routine, you will see dramatic results, especially if it’s your first time with your very own little skin care set up each night in your bathroom, it’s kind of my fav part of the day!


Kristy, Skincare Editor

If I woken up with a breakout, I’ll use D’Lumiere Esthetique Deep Purifying Cleanser to remove excess oil.


Sara @Thebearcubclub

During my pregnancy with the boys, I had terrible acne, and I thought the scarring was pretty much past repair? But I’ve finally started using proper, active skincare, and hello, my first selfie posted in years! Thank you D’lumiere Esthetique


Kylie Gulliver

Yesterday my beautiful friend Nat spoiled me with a dermasweep treatment in Malvern finished with a Vit C infusion and D;lumiere Esthetique hydrating mask. Today my skin is feeling fresh, glowing and amazing! 


Sarah Jane @faceofsjw

A new brand I’ve been loving so far, D’lumiere Esthetique. The cleanser removes evvverything


Brittany Daisy – obsessed with the whole D’lumiere Esthetique range


Chivy Chan @chivyc_
I just want to touch base with you & let you know that I’m utterly OBSESSED with the D’Lumiere products.
I have to say, I’ve never come across a cleanser that takes off my makeup without me having to use wipes after cleansing to ensure all excess makeup is all removed.
On top of cleansing my skin, D’Lumiere does not leave my skin feeling dry and tight which I love!


Vivienne – I am 59 years old and after using the entire D’lumiere Esthetique range for one month I can already see a huge reduction in my fine lines and pigmentation. Highly recommend these products that really work.


Sarah– I’ve suffered with hormonal adult acne for the past few years. I’ve tried everything including long term antibiotics and I finally have my breakouts under control thanks to D’lumiere products which have definitely made all the difference. 


RL – Amazing skin care products, with a luxurious look and feel!


SM – Amazing. Beautiful application and long-lasting effect!


Donna – Been using D’Lumiere for a month and it’s amazing….skin has never felt this clean, healthy, smooth and rejuvenated! So happy to have found an Australian skin product that beats the European/French brands. Thank you. From a very satisfied customer


Tina – For the first time in my life at 35 years old people have been commenting on my great skin, this is only since I’ve started using the D’lumiere anti-ageing range.


Kass – Absolutely loved the skin care products and facial peel. For many years I’ve used so many different facial creams and moisturizes and was never satisfied with the results until I tried these products. My skin has never felt so smooth, clean and clear and my foundation finally sits on my face and looks flawless. I’ve finally found a product that does what it says until I tried these and results are almost immediate and satisfying.


Tillesha – I have been using D’lumiere Esthetique for just over a month now and I am honestly so happy I have found this product. My skin has never been better. Thank you. They truely are amazing. I highly recommend anyone thinking of trying.


MH – New skin care range ‘D’lumiere Esthetique’ has been a upgrade for me in all the MANY products i have tried in the past! For the first time EVER my skin is actually, clear, glowing and smooth- and everyone is noticing it! I feel like its a custom-made set… Worth every dollar spent. Perfect Products! Can not live without it now!


Paula – I have been using the D’Lumiere skin care range since Christmas and my skin is looking its best ever. I have even encouraged my family to start using these products.


Tali – I bought the entire range of the D’Lumiere Esthetique last week. I love the smell and can really feel the product working. Such a nice team of beauticians and very helpful.


Mateen – Love the new D’lumiere cream. No stinging or reaction as with other creams.


Tracey– Vit A has made my pores smaller skin now looks fresh cleaner and younger wrinkles are fading so if possible can you let me know when he does have eye cream I be silly to use any thing else I’m really happy

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