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All you need to know for your new Esthetique

About Dr Daniel Lanzer

Dr Lanzar, Dermatologist & cosmetic surgeon

Dr Daniel Lanzer is a Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon with more than 27 years experience! He has a passion for the skin and has spent many years studying how the skin and its cells work. This research is what encouraged him to develop his own anti-aging skincare range D’Lumiere Esthetique that really works.


Dr Lanzer is recognised across Australia as highly skilled, and has been asked to comment and share his expertise on TV and in the media more than 100 times. He has often brought the latest advances and techniques to Australia throughout his career. He was the FIRST in Australia to use tumescent liposuction as well as different skin lasers, and has on occasion helped teach other dermatologists.


Dr Lanzer has an eye for excellence and has come to understand exactly what ingredients are needed to combat different skin conditions and types.


D’Lumiere Esthetique targets specific problems which include aging and sun damaged skin.


Dr Lanzer knows how important it is to treat the skin with active ingredients, and so D’Lumiere includes very active medical ingredients. He has worked on developing his D’Lumiere Esthetique range for nearly 5 years. It is a very potent and effective skin care regime that was designed, developed and manufactured in Australia.


With the certain ingredients Dr Lanzer has specifically chosen, he has made sure he has chosen the best ones in each cream to suit each condition. Some of the main potent ingredients include 20% Vitamin C, Retinyl Palmitate and Nicotinamide.


Our staff are always happy to help with any product inquiries if you are unsure about what products you should use. Dr Lanzer cares about every single one of his patients and is happy to answer any questions that you have. He recommends starting slowly as the products are strong and build up over time.


To find out more about Dr Lanzer or his treatments visit:

About D’Lumiere Esthetique and the DNA Anti Aging Enzyme


A new approach to target UV damage now involves using products that may protect the skin. Dr Lanzer finds this approach fascinating as it directs anti-aging therapies at the primary target of sun damage and the source of aging.


Dr Daniel Lanzer’s skincare range, D’Lumiere Esthetique is the FIRST anti-aging cosmeceutical product range that combines a new approach of DNA anti ageing enzymes together with ingredients of super concentrated strengths to hit the Australian market, attacking the aging process from a new direction.


“The global D’Lumiere Esthetique skincare approach has been developed for full rejuvenation of the skin with its holistic use of serums and creams with highly active ingredients at an affordable price to consumers,”

“It is a new, exciting and revolutionary cosmeceutical range, with research backing the results.” said Dr Daniel Lanzer.

Nobel prize-winning science has studies on DNA enzymes.


The DNA anti aging  enzyme is derived from plant extracts that protect and cover the nucleus and cell of the plant. Dr Lanzer also studied in Australian laboratories the best method for skin absorption via products called liposomes.

Watch this video to hear Dr Lanzer talking about the D’Lumiere Esthetique skin care brand and the meaning of the name D’Lumiere.


What Makes The D’Lumiere Skincare Range So Unique

Dlumiere skin care

Dermatologists and Scientists who study the skin have found evidence that the effect of UV sun damage and general skin ageing, is in the DNA genetic code found in cells at a microscopic level.


The sun causes an “oxidative” stress, with the release of free radicals that damage the skin layers. Accelerating wrinkles, less elasticity and changes the texture of the skin.


D’Lumiere Cosmetics contains a plant derived (Candle Tree) DNA extract. It uses a product of nature to protect the skin. We call it a “DNA Anti Ageing Enzyme” and it is unique to D’Lumiere Esthetique.


Our products are Australian made, for the Australian sun.

d'lumiere skin care dr lanzer

4 replies to “About D’Lumiere

  1. I’m unsure of what I need to purchase. I have normal skin & would like to combat wrinkles. I’m 58yrs of age.

  2. Hi Michele,

    If you would like to start with a value pack, I would recommend the Anti Anging Essntails kit. In the morning apply the Vitamin C, and in the evenings alternate the Vitamin A and AHA 20% Anti Aging Serum.

    However, for for best results I would recommend the complete range as it has all products and actives.

    Let me know if you require further assistance.

    Kind regards,


  3. Is dlumiere cruelty free and vegan?

  4. Hi,

    Our products our cruelty free and are not tested on animals.

    Kind regards,


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